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مُساهمة  Dr. Hazem في الأربعاء يناير 28, 2009 11:57 pm


Club: Nova Centurion
Coach: Bill Furniss
DOB: 17th February 1989
Height: 1.79m
Weight: 70kg
Born: Mansfield
Lives: Mansfield
Occupation: Swimmer
Nickname: Becks

Long Course
200m Freestyle 1:56.66 (08)
400m Freestyle 4:03.22 (08) BR
800m Freestyle 8:14.10 (08) BR
400m I.M. 4:56.34 (06)

Short Course
200m Freestyle 1:59.25 (07)
400m Freestyle 4:04.19 (08)
800m Freestyle 8:08.25 (08) ER/BR

Olympic Games 2008 GOLD 400m Freestyle 4:03.22
GOLD 800m Freestyle 8:14.10
World Championships
Long Course 2007 10th 800m Freestyle 8.36.26
Short Course 2008 GOLD 800m Freestyle 8:08.25
SILVER 4x200m Freestyle Relay 7:36.96
4x100m Freestyle Relay Prelims only

European Championships
Long Course 2006 SILVER 800m Freestyle 8.27.88
11th 400m Freestyle 4.13.91
Short Course 2004 20th 400m Freestyle 4.20.43
7th 800m Freestlye 8.36.84

European Junior Championships
Long Course 2004 GOLD 800m Freestyle 8.39.63

European Youth Olympic Days
Long Course 2003 SILVER 400m Freestyle 4.19.84
SILVER 800m Freestyle 8.56.61
4th 4x200m Freestyle Relay 8.10.75

Olympic Trials
Long Course 2004 24th 200m Freestyle 2.06.30
10th 400m Freestyle 4.22.78
SILVER 800m Freestyle 8.40.80

British Championships
Long Course 2008
GOLD 400m Freestyle
GOLD 200m Freestyle 1:57.94
GOLD 800m Freestyle 8:20.29
2006 GOLD 800m Freestyle 8.30.40
SILVER 400m Freestyle 4.10.28
BRONZE 200m Freestyle 2.01.34
2005 BRONZE 800m Freestyle 8.45.38
12th 200m Freestyle 2.05.43
=15th 400m Freestyle 4.27.55
2003 40th 100m Freestyle 1.01.34
26th 200m Freestyle 2.08.56
12th 400m Freestyle 4.27.57
6th 800m Freestyle 9.04.44
28th 100m Butterfly 1.07.19

Short Course 2003 11th 200m Freestyle 2.06.44
20th 400m Freestyle 4.24.71
22nd 800m Freestyle 8.50.97

ASA National Championships
Long Course 2008 GOLD 400m Freestyle 4.02.80
GOLD 800m Freestyle 8.27.86
SILVER 200m Freestyle 1.58.75
2003 BRONZE 400m Freestyle 4.19.38
6th 800m Freestyle 9.03.35
2002 17th 400m Freestyle 4.37.12

ASA National Youth Championships
Long Course 2003 11th 200m Freestyle 2.10.40

ASA National Age Group Championships
Long Course 2002 14th 100m Freestyle 1.02.47
BRONZE 200m Freestyle 2.09.29
4th 400m Freestyle 4.30.72
4th 800m Freestyle 9.12.48
16th 100m Butterfly 1.09.66
4th 200m Butterfly 2.28.47
15th 200m I.M. 2.32.86
2001 13th 100m Freestyle 1.05.30
BRONZE 200m Freestyle 2.17.47
SILVER 400m Freestyle 4.46.45
GOLD 800m Freestyle 9.49.44
BRONZE 100m Backstroke 1.13.02
5th 200m Backstroke 2.36.65
GOLD 200m I.M. 2.35.39


Favourite event: 800m Freestyle. Its my best event. I get a great feeling of achievement swimming the 800m, very satisfying.

Finest ever performance/Why: Although breaking the Commonwealth Record in the 400m Freestyle was brilliant at the Olympic Trials, I think my finest swim was at the European Championships 2006 in the 800m Freestyle. I won the silver and it was my debut. It means more to me to perform on the big stage at major events collecting medals.

First senior international meet: European Championships 2006

My aspirations are: To win a medal in Beijing, and then to follow that up in London 2012.

Tip for the top: Enjoy it. If your heart is not in it you won’t swim well.

Life after swimming: I get one!

Music: Anything apart from heavy metal.

If I wasn’t a swimmer I would be a: Would probably be at university.

Football, Cricket or Rugby: No interest in either. I like watching Wimbledon, although don’t really follow tennis that much. I love major multi events like the Olympics and Commonwealth Games.

Describe yourself in three words: Opinionated / Bubbly / Dedicated

Would most like to meet: Ricky Gervais. I think he is hilarious, or Peter Kay, anyone funny.

Most prized possession: My Christian Louboutin shoes

Biggest influence on career: Parents and my coach Bill Furness

Dr. Hazem

عدد الرسائل : 32
العمر : 49
تاريخ التسجيل : 08/01/2009

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