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As a coach, it is important that both you and your athletes are aware of the
drug testing procedures. Each time an athlete is tested they will be given
information with outlines the procedures as well as their rights and
responsibilities. This information can also be found on the ASDA Website at the
following link www.asda.org.au/athletes/testing.htm.
Athlete’s Rights
• Nominate a representative of their choice to accompany them during a
drug test (coach, parent, etc.)
• Request any information about the testing procedure
• Attend post-event commitments (warm down, medal ceremony, media, etc.)
• Do anything else that is reasonable before providing a sample as long as
they are witnessed by an ASDA official at all times
Athlete’s Responsibilities
• Be aware of and comply with the anti-doping rules of their sport
• Comply with drug testing procedures
• Ensure all appropriate documentation is accurate and complete
Each year, many athletes test positive as the result of poorly manufactured or
contaminated supplement products.
• Regulations for packaging of some supplements are not as strict as
• Some products may contain ingredients not listed on the packaging
• There is some risk in using herbal products and food supplements
To reduce the risk…
• Consider only use Australian made and manufactured products rather
than ordering or buying products from overseas
• Call the ASDA Drugs in Sport Hotline
• Request a written guarantee from the manufacturer
• Check out the “Supplement Information Scheme” on the ASDA Website
which provides information on supplements who are willing to offer a
guarantee on their products

Dr. Hazem

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