ICS-Individual Checking Speed

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ICS-Individual Checking Speed

مُساهمة  Dr. Hazem في الجمعة يناير 09, 2009 12:33 pm

The swimmer swims a 400 metres freestyle when they are relatively fresh and unfatigued. The swim is even paced with a Push start. The target pace is 15 seconds per 100 slower than the swimmer’s PB 100 time, e.g. if their best 100 freestyle is 1:00 minute then the ICS pace is 1:15 per 100 or 5:00 minutes for the 400. Coach and athlete measure overall time, splits and heart rate and also stroke count and stroke rate between 100 to 150 metres and 350 to 400 metres.

This information called the ICS – (Individual Checking Speed) is then used as the baseline measurement to determine if the swimmer is sufficiently recovered to complete the FOCUS workout as required.

The aim of the test is to ACTIVELY measure the athlete’s level of recovery for the specific FOCUS session they are about to attempt. If the ICS indicates the athlete has not sufficiently recovered from the effects of previous workouts or other activities then the coach may chose to re schedule or modify the FOCUS workout.

Dr. Hazem

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