Lessons from the Olympic Games

اذهب الى الأسفل

Lessons from the Olympic Games

مُساهمة  Dr. Hazem في الجمعة يناير 09, 2009 1:40 pm

10 clear messages came through for swimmers and teams at all levels

Anyone can win, Anyone can lose.

Swim the Race, don’t give it up beforehand.

Don’t over swim the first half of any relay swim, keep your cool, get your hand on the wall first at the end of the race.
Witness the USA Men’s 400 Free Relay on the first day of the games when each American led at the 50 and was overhauled by his counterpart on the Aussie team at the end of each 100. Both teams went under the world record, but the Aussies won with great 2nd 50’s. This is not a car race, there is no "lap money" at stake. Ian Thorpe left the blocks a body length ahead of Gary Hall. He was BEHIND Hall a body length at the 50. He took the lead back from Hall 6 inches from the wall and won the race and

Set Australia on Fire. And Hall took a final breath inside the final flags. Give Hall credit. Later in the meet he got better and got revenge.

Great Finishes Count. Practice Them.
Peter Van den Hogenband out-touched Thorpe in the 200 free. If Ian finishes with his head down as he touches the wall instead of head up, eyes on the wall, he wins and is a legend. He doesn’t and is still an "unfulfilled" legend in waiting.

The night before, Thorpe out-touched Gary Hall.

Megan Quann won the 100 Breast at the wall on a touch over her Australian rival.

And on and on. At this level of meet, starts turns and finishes magnify in importance.

(Remember Matt Biondi’s 100 fly finish in Seoul. Anthony Nesty is a gold medallist thanks to Matt’s mistake and his own fine finish.)

Put Yourself In Position To Win.
Faint hearts won no gold medals.

Winners were in the race all the way. Maybe not leading early but in the race all the way.

Good athletes don’t let competitors come from "way back" to win. At the Games, they’ll ALL good athletes. Note: Brooke Bennett leading from the gun in the 400/800 Gold Medal double.

Note: Diana Munz’s gutsy silver medal in the 400, where she stayed very close and then finished like a banshee on the last 100.

Note: Tom Dolan – aggressive, determined start to his 400 IM Gold Medal and World Record.

Go for it. Don’t hesitate.

Be Generous in Defeat. Then get determined not to have to do it again!
Ian Thorpe and Susie O’Neill were terrific when they were beaten. They congratulated their opponents repeatedly and repeated that the "best athlete won today". It made them famously popular and took the sting out of the media in a country noted for its tough media folks. Then they came back and had good swims later in the meet.

Be generous in defeat. Then get revenge and be generous again.

Swim for Your Team.

Glue that binds. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience it with your team. Together Everyone Achieves More. No doubt.
Stroke Technique is Everything.
Every winner looked fantastic.

How to solve this? What if you have, like Hackett, events early and events late?

Great athletes working in close coordination with dedicated, singlefocused, enthusiastic coaches still wins medals. That’s something you can’t always buy

That said, cash will keep some dedicated athletes around the sport longer than previously, and in some cases, they continue to improve. Witness and congratulate Josh Davis, whose 200 free was a huge improvement on his previous best time and a New American Record and renewed respect for American 200 freestylers.

Aussie Crowds are the most knowledgeable swimming fans in the World!
And our thanks for arguably the finest swim meet in history! Media coverage was unprecedented.

Friendly rivalries were everywhere and compelling drama, and once again, the Athletes saved the Olympic Games.[img][/img]

Dr. Hazem

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