Middle Distance Swimming

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Middle Distance Swimming

مُساهمة  Dr. Hazem في الجمعة يناير 09, 2009 1:52 pm


The Training Load
It is important to remember that not all athletes can cope with the same workload and this should be addressed when preparing the workouts. It is your responsibility as the coach to assess the athlete’s strengths and weaknesses and incorporate changes in the training structure to develop those.

The advantages of having a middle distance group in your program are numerous ... for all of the following reasons:

1. Develop good work ethics
2. Improve aerobic qualities
3. Identify different talent
4. Add variety to your program

The Test Sets
The tests I incorporate include:

3000m Freestyle timed test every four weeks. 8x(4xl00[1.15] on [6.00]. 5x200m [5] Freestyle test set every four weeks, at the fastest possible speed, holding even pace throughout the set.

6x 100m [6] Freestyle every four weeks maximum effort. 4x50dive timed + 450 active rest. Every four weeks 200/400m Freestyle kick goal sub. 3:00/6:00.

The test sets involve a wide range of training demands which identify prospective athletes capable of enduring the increased work load, who also have a capacity to excel in the following:

1. Repeat even-pace sets in workout
2. Have a low resting heart rate
3. Lower working heart rate at a2 -at
4. A higher flotation position in the water
5. Balanced stroke
6. Above average kick

All Squad Members must have their Own Training Equipment
Following is the Equipment my Squad Members require...

1. Meshbag
2. Kickboard
3. Paddles two sizes finger paddles and large paddles
4. Pullbuoy
5. Dragsuit
6. Legtie (band)
7. Fins

Dr. Hazem

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